Let’s get energy savings right for Florida’s families and businesses.

Energy efficiency is the most affordable way to lower energy costs while creating jobs, but we need to act now.

The Issue

The Sunshine State is one of the largest energy users in the country. But compared with other states, we’ve fallen far short when it comes to helping families and businesses save energy and lower their bills. We can fix this by using energy smarter – and making sure our energy-saving opportunities work for Floridians and put them back to work.

The good news is that Florida’s energy efficiency rules are being reviewed this year... and you have the opportunity to provide feedback on how these rules can give hardworking Floridians real relief while building an economic engine. A recent analysis found that Florida could support 135,000 jobs by ramping up utility energy efficiency programs in Florida to just 1% savings as a percent of retail sales per year. That is a small fraction of energy usage, but could have a monumental impact on economic activity and savings for families and small businesses. The benefits could be tremendous, and the solutions are simple.


Our Solutions

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Modernize Florida’s outdated energy savings policies

Florida’s energy efficiency policies were last updated nearly three decades ago, when innovative solutions like smart thermostats and low emissivity windows weren’t widely available. Since then, our energy savings policies have become outdated and we’ve fallen far behind the rest of the country.


Abandon practices that penalize saving energy

Some of Florida’s existing energy efficiency policies can create unintended disincentives that stop utility companies from pursuing energy saving improvements – and that shouldn’t be the case. Instead, we should remove penalties and reward improvements that lower electricity bills.


Reduce electricity bills by increasing access to energy-saving programs

Hardworking Floridians deserve access to programs that will help them lower their utility bills – especially today. Yet the small scale of utility programs keeps energy savings opportunities out of reach for many families and businesses. Increasing access will save money and create local jobs, creating a win-win for customers and communities alike.

Florida has endless opportunity for energy efficiency, but consistently falls far short of the national average. Read the latest report from American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) about Unrealized Potential: Expanding Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Utility Customers in Florida.

Energy Savings = Real Relief


Unlike a one-time credit on your bill, energy savings programs generate meaningful reductions in utility bills that provide benefits month after month. Florida households can save an average of $135 each year by switching to LED lightbulbs and $66 each year by installing a smart thermostat. They can also save an average of $330 per year by installing a high-efficiency air conditioning system. Beyond that, these programs create local jobs that can’t be outsourced and can help extend the time before a new power plant is needed.

Take Action

Show your Support

Floridians across the state are standing up for updated energy efficiency policies, and we're proud to showcase their support here. Visit our Resources page to download and print a poster to hold in your image then upload your photo here.

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